16 oz Bettercreme® Caramel Icing, 9-lb Pail
5 oz Whipped Icing & Filling Chocolate (#04937)
5 oz Allen® Icing Real Cream Cheese (#03573)
4 oz Classic Chocolate Cake And Donut Icing
5 oz Chopped Snickers
1 oz Creamy Peanut Butter


Mix together in a large bowl, Caramel Bettercreme Icing, Real Cream Cheese Icing, Classic Chocolate Cake and Donut Icing, peanut butter and chopped Snickers bars until blended. Garnish with chopped Snickers and salted peanuts on top. Serve in desired bowl or container. Serve with your choice of cookies, pretzels or fresh fruit.
36 ounces