4 oz Ubr® Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Ultimate Breakfast Round Dough 2.5oz
4 oz Banana Sliced 1/3" Thick
0.9 oz Banana Fat & Sugar Free Instant Pudding Mix
2 oz Fat Free Chocolate Syrup
8 oz Yogurt
4 oz Rich's® Whip Topping® Non-dairy

Chef Notes

One parfait served with 8 oz. low fat or flavored fat free milk and 1/2 cup fruit for a complete reimbursable breakfast on USDA Child Nutrition Food Based Menus.


Crumble the baked UBRs for the granola layer and toast in oven for 3 min. at 325 F degrees.
Thaw the Rich's topping and whip at medium speed with wire whip attachment until firm peaks are reached.
Fold yogurt and instant pudding mix and blend thoroughly.into the topping
In four clear 9 oz. plastic tumblers assemble parfaits in layers starting with 1 Tbsp. UBR crumbles, 1.5 oz. topping/yogurt blend, 1 Tbsp. UBR crumbles, 1.5 oz. topping/yogurt blend.
Pipe a 1/4 oz. dollop of the topping/blend on each cup and garnish with a banana slice and 1/2 oz. drizzle of the chocolate syrup. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
4 parfaits