1 Each Allen® 5 In Round Uniced Single Layer Cake Chocolate (#05280)
10 oz Classic Caramel Icing
.5 oz Caramel Candies
2.5 oz Milk Crispearls


Place a 5” split chocolate cake layer on a 6” cake board and place on turntable.
Using a speed icer tip and classic caramel icing , pipe filing on top of the first layer.
Place second layer on top and repeat the process of filling, then place the third and final split layer on top.
Using a speed icer and classic caramel icing, ice the sides and top of the cake, use a cake smoother to smooth the sides and top of cake.
Using the tip of a spatula, form a spiral design on top of the cake by starting at the top edge and working your way to the center of the cake while spinning the turntable.
Using a gloved hand, coat side of cake by gently patting Milk Crispearls against the side of cake to the top edge.
Place caramel candy squares on top center to garnish.
One 5" Cake