1 Each Allen® 1/2 Sheet Uniced Single Layer Cake Chocolate Nat & Art Flv
8.75 oz Cookies ‘n Creme Bettercreme® Made With Oreo® Cookies
2 oz Allen® Ganache Dark Chocolate Naturally & Artificially Flavored
3 Each Oreo Cookie
.75 oz Chocolate Curls


1) Remove plastic wrapping from a ½ sheet chocolate cake that has thawed at room temperature for at least 2-3 hrs. Breakdown sides of box by cutting corners with a knife.
Wearing a cutting glove and using a long serrated knife trim top crust from cake, place a pan liner on top of cake and flip over onto table and remove box.
Split cake horizontally, insert a ½ sheet board into split area of cake and remove top layer.
Using a speed icer and cookies n crème Bettercreme, pipe filling across the top of the cake leaving one row the width of the speed icer tip uncovered at the bottom edge.
Using a clean moist towel, dampen the table space next to your work surface and slide the cake, with liner, over to the dampened work area.
Beginning with the side of the cake away from you, pull pan liner rolling cake towards you leaving the pan liner on the outside of the rolled cake. Repeat steps 4 thru 6 for the other ½ split layer and place on a pan in freezer to freeze for a minimum of 3 up to 24 hrs.
Remove frozen rolled cakes from freezer and remove pan liner. Using a clean sharp serrated knife, trim ends and cut roll into 3 equal rolls that measure @5 inches in length and place on an 8” cake board.
Place cake on a turntable and using a #22 star tip and cookies n crème Bettercreme, pipe icing across the log from left to right and right to left until roll is completely covered except for the ends.
Drizzle heated chocolate ganache icing across the top of the cake roll in a back and forth motion.
Pat chocolate curls at bottom edge of cake roll.
Using a #22 star tip and cookies n crème Bettercreme, pipe 2 rosettes on top of cake roll.
Place a full Oreo cookie on each rosette to garnish.
Three 5" Roll Cakes