1 Each Allen® Fully Baked Uniced Brownie Without Nuts 1/2 Sheet (#91480)
1 oz Allen® Brownie & Donut Icing Fudge
1 Each Dark Chocolate Cup
1/4 oz Chocolate Curls
1/4 oz Chocolate Curls
.75 oz Bettercreme® Chocolate Icing Made W/ Hershey's Cocoa, 9-lb Pail


Using a ½ sheet Brownie, split the cake in half horizontally. Using a 2” round cutter, cut 5x7 making sure to cut through both layers creating 70 circles of cake.
Using a piping bag and Fudge Brownie & Donut Icing, pipe a single swirl on the bottom of a dark chocolate cup.
Place a single circle of brownie on top or the Fudge Brownie & Donut Icing.
Using a #825 border tip and Made with Hershey’s Chocolate Bettercreme, pipe a single swirl on top of the brownie circle. Smooth flat to the top of the dark chocolate cup.
Using a #825 border tip and Made with Hershey's Chocolate Bettercreme, pipe on a double rosette on top of the cup.
Using chocolate curls, cover bottom edge of rosette.
Using your choice of chocolate pieces, place on top of rosette.
70 Servings