2 C Rich's® Whip Topping® Non-dairy
3.5 tbsp. Raspberry Syrup
5.3 oz Greek Yogurt, Vanilla, Gluten Free
6 oz Fresh Raspberries
4 tbsp. Granola, Gluten Free


Add 2 cups Rich’s Ready-To-Whip to mixing bowl. Using whisk attachment, whip on medium-high until product reaches medium peaks. Add Raspberry Syrup and 1/3 Raspberries and continue whisking until fully incorporated and hard peaks have formed.
Take 2 small 8-10oz glasses or parfait cups and gently add about 2 Tablespoons of granola to the bottom of each (I chose to use gluten-free granola but it’s not necessary). Add half the greek yogurt to each glass.
Split the remaining raspberries between the two parfaits. Add about 3-4 oz of RTW mixture atop the fresh raspberries. Gently press down and smoothen the whipped product. Top the parfaits with remaining granola.
Serve chilled.