2 Each Allen® 5 In Round Uniced Single Layer Cake White (#05754)
12 oz Perfect Finish Vanilla Artificially Flavored Bettercreme®


Base Ice the cake in the color you will be using. That way if you miss a few spots, with the rose tip going down the side it will not be as noticeable, and can easily be covered when you look over the cake.
Using Red or any color of your choice, holding the bag and tip as you would to make a rose approx. a 45 degree angle. Make a Med size rose in the middle of the cake
Next in the color you determine to use (in this case white) holding the rose tip at a 45 degree angle to the cake until you get to the point where you will be going down the side.
When going down the side make sure you have enough icing in the bag to help eliminate start/stop seam breaks in the design as you go down the sides of the cake, making a much smoother finished look.
Finish with a few “light sprinkles” of Edible Glitter to highlight the finished product.
1 Cake