4 oz Perfect Finish Vanilla Artificially Flavored Bettercreme®
4 oz Bavarian Creme Filling (#02881)
5.5 oz Allen® 5 In Round Uniced Single Layer Cake Yellow
2 oz Fresh Strawberries


In a large bowl mix 50/50 ratio of vanilla better crème and Bavarian cream. Slice strawberries and then add the strawberries to your 50/50 ratio mix. Fold the berries into the icing mixture.
Place one yellow 5” cake layer on a cake board. Add a layer of strawberry icing mixture. Place the 2nd cake layer on top.
Using a spatula ice the entire cake with the 50/50 strawberry icing mixture. To smooth out take a spatula or cake scraper around edges to make even.
Once smooth use a large star tip to put a rosette of icing in the center of the cake.
Garnish with a glazed strawberry.
1 Cake