2.2 oz Bettercreme® Cookies 'n Creme Icing Made With Oreo® Cookies, 9-lb Pail
4.3 oz Allen® 5 In Round Uniced Single Layer Cake Chocolate (#05280)
1.9 oz Perfect Finish® Bettercreme® Vanilla Icing, 15-lb Pail
3 Each Oreo Cookie


Take one chocolate 5” cake layer and place on board.
With cookies n crème icing in a bag with coupler – pipe a layer of icing on top of the chocolate 5” layer.
Using your spatula smooth the icing over neatly.
With vanilla perfect finish in bag with large star tip. Pipe 4 rosettes around the sides of the cake layer. Then pipe one rosette in the center of cake.
Take 3 Oreo’s. Place one whole Oreo in the center. Cut the other 2 in half. Place one half on top of the rosettes for garnish.
1 Cake