9.3 oz Allen® 5 In Round Uniced Single Layer Cake Yellow
4.5 oz Perfect Finish Vanilla Artificially Flavored Bettercreme®
1.6 oz Shredded Coconut
.3 oz Maraschino Cherry


Gather all ingredients & packaging together.
Place 1 layer of JWA Yellow 5” Cake on gold board, with EZ Icer filled with PF Vanilla Bettercreme place small layer of Vanilla Bettercreme and sandwich the other 5” JWA Yellow 5” layer together.
Base ice both layers with the same EZ Icer filled with PF Vanilla Bettercreme, Gently coat the entire cake with Shredded Coconut.
With a piping bag fitted with a Large Cupcake Tip place a small Rosette in the middle of the cake and top with drained Maraschino Cherry.
1 Cake