6 oz Perfect Finish Vanilla Artificially Flavored Bettercreme®
4 oz 1/2 Sheet Yellow Cake Layer
2 oz Fresh Berries
.5 oz Berry Drizzle


Take a yellow sheet cake. Cut in size to fit your desired container. Split cake in half. Place cake layer in the bottom of the container.
Take vanilla Bettercreme and mix with berries (raspberry, blackberry). Using a spatula place a layer of fruit/icing mix on top of cake. Drizzle raspberry or berry topping across top.
Place other half of yellow cake on top of drizzle. Add another layer of fruit/icing mixture. Drizzle raspberry or berry topping across again.
With star tip add a dollop of vanilla Bettercreme on top. Glaze and Garnish with raspberry and blackberry.
1 Triffle