13.5 oz Perfect Finish Vanilla Artificially Flavored Bettercreme®
9.5 oz Allen Uniced 7" Yellow Cake Layer
4 oz Phyllo Cup With Fruit
1.5 oz Toasted Almonds
1.5 oz Cake Crumb


Gather all ingredients & needed packaging. Toast the Almonds in a 350 degree oven for anywhere from 5-8 minutes (time may vary depending on oven) Allow to cool completely before tossing with cake crumbs, set aside.
Place the first layer of cake on the board, and whit the Ez-Icer place a small amount of PF Vanilla Bettercreme in the middle,sandwhich the remaining layer of cake on top. Base ice the entire cake, smoothing the top & sides. Dust the bottom boarder of the decorated cake with the Almond & Cake mixture, make sure to only coat the bottom of the cake and not the top
Place the Phyllo cup in the middle of the cake, pipe a small amount of the PF Vanilla Bettercreme in the cup, arrange assorted fruit so that it looks like its spilling out on top of the cake. Now with your large cupcake tip, do a reveres shell boarder around the top of the cake. Sprinkle some of the Almond & Cake mixture around the top boarder of the cake.
1 Cake