4 oz 6'' Pie Shell
4 oz Pistachio Mousse
.75 oz Chopped Pistachios
4 oz Vanilla Pudding

Chef Notes

Mousse Formula • 1 - 5 lb. container Rich’s vanilla pudding • Either 1 container of liquid Perfect Finish® or ½ pail of whipped Perfect Finish® (8 lbs.), vanilla • 2 small boxes instant pistachio filling. • If using liquid Perfect Finish®, mix all items together until well blended and whipped to proper consistency. • If using whipped Perfect Finish®, mix instant pudding into the pudding first, then add the whipped Perfect Finish® • Keep refrigerated


Using an unbaked 6” pie shell, bake according to pie shell direction. Let cool.
Place vanilla pudding in the bottom of the pie shell.
Top with pistachio mousse and then pipe mousse on top. (see notes)
Garnish with chopped pistachios around the outside edge of pie and dust top with Amoretti dusting powder
1 pie