Cookie Butter Bettercreme
1/4 Sheet Yellow Cake Layer
Biscoff Cookie Crumbs


Split a ¼ sheet cake in the middle then cut into long bars. Using 3 of the split long bars of cake to complete one bar cake. Reserve the 4th split bar cake for the next cake
Fill the first layer of cake using #12 round tip with Cookie Butter Bettercreme Icing. Make pulled shells along the edges. Follow up by simply pipiping a back and fourth motion to fill in the center of the cake that cant be seen once the next layer of cake is placed on top of the filling.
Using #6 round tip and Biscoff Cookie Butter pipe smaller pulled rosettes between each of the Cookie Butter Bettercreme pulled rosettes. Then pipe a small amount of Biscoff cookie Butter in the center .
Place the second layer of cake on top and repeat steps #2 and #3.
Place the third layer of cake on top of the second layer of filling and completely fill in the top of the cake with Cookie Butter Bettercreme with pulled rosettes with #12 round tip
Follow up with Biscoff Cookie Butter pulled rosettes between each Cookie Butter Bettercreme
Garnish with Biscoff Cookie Crumbs sprinkled on top
1 Bar Cake