1 qt. Culinary Solutions Premium Custard Base Liquid (#03869)
1 Unit On Top® Original Whipped Topping
1 C Cherry Pie Filling
1/4 C Bourbon
1 Drop Bitters (as Needed)
4 Piece Orange Peel Garnish
4 Piece Black Cherry Garnish
4 Unit Disposable Pastry Bag (no Tip)
4 Unit Bamboo Picks
4 Unit Large Old Fashioned Glasses


In large heavy bottom sauce pan add ½ of the Rich’s Premium Custard Base, ½ of the bourbon and bring to a boil, simmer 2 minutes.
Fill old fashioned glasses with a layer of Rich's Custard (about 1/3 of the glass) and place in the refrigerator to cool and set.
Prepare the remaining custard the same as in step #1.
Remove old fashioned glasses with set custard; add ¼ cup of cherry pie filling and another layer of custard in each glass. Place back in the refrigerator to set.
In a large bowl add 1 bag of Rich's Original On Top Whipped Topping and bitters to taste. Lightly whip together and transfer mixture into a disposable pastry bag, hold in refrigerator until ready to garnish.
Garnish each trifle with bitters infused On Top, orange peel and black cherry.
4 servings