2 C Rich's® Whip Topping® Non-dairy
1 tsp. Mexican Vanilla Extract
2 Piece Abuelita's Mexican Chocolate
1/3 C Chilean Maniar/cajeta/dulce De Leche
2 tbsp. Colombian Piloncillo, Grated
1/2 C Milk, Whole


Heat small sauce pot. Melt 2 tablets (about 6.3oz) of Abuelita’s chocolate in ½ cup of whole milk. Whisk until chocolate has completely melted then lower the heat to lowest setting. Add butter and continue whisking until butter has melted completely.
Using mixer, whip RTW on medium until medium peaks have formed. Add vanilla extract and half (about 1 tablespoon) of Piloncillo. Continue whipping on medium until hard peaks have formed.
Place half a cup of vanilla RTW at the bottom of a 6oz coffee cup. Pour 3oz of melted chocolate over the RTW. Finish with a 1/3 cup dollop of the RTW mixture. Place cup on an elongated plate, preferably using a doily (to prevent sliding).
Take the dulce de leche (Chilean Manjar) and gently form a quenelle. Place the quenelle on the plate next to the coffee cup.
Carefully sprinkle the remaining Piloncillo over the dulce de leche and the RTW topping. Serve while the chocolate is warm.
1 serving