1 Each 6" Whole Grain Rich Round Flatbread
2 tbsp. Garlic And Herb Spice
2 tbsp. Dried Oregano
3 oz Seasoned Beef Philly Steak
1 qt. Plain Yogurt
1 C Finely Diced Peeled Cucumber
1 tbsp. Garlic Powder
.5 C Crumbled Feta Cheese
Vegetables For Topping, Including Sliced Tomatoes, Chopped Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Onions, Sliced Cucumbers, Etc.

Chef Notes

Each Gyro Sandwich provides 2 oz. eq. whole grain and 3 oz. M/MA servings for USDA Child Nutrition Food Based Menus


Keep product frozen at 0°F to -10°F until ready to use
Remove bagged flatbreads and place at room temperature to thaw for up to 5 days
On day of service place the flatbreads on a lined sheet pan and cover with foil, then warm at 350°F 4-5 min.
Leave pan covered and place in a warming cabinet to hold at 140°F until ready to make gyros.
To prepare Gyro Beef place 5 pounds of Seasoned Beef Philly Steak in a 4” deep full size counter pan and add 2 tbsp Garlic and Herb spice and 2 tbsp. of Dried Oregano. Toss together to combine.
Cover the pan of beef with foil and heat at 350°F until it reaches 145°F then hold at 140°F covered in the warmer.
To prepare Tzatziki sauce whisk together yogurt, cucumber, garlic powder and feta cheese.
Portion a #60 scoop of Tzatziki sauce into 1 oz. soufflé cups and hold in cooler (40°F) until ready to build sandwiches for service.
To build the sandwich place a warm flatbread on a square of sandwich paper and top with 3 oz. (#8 scoop) of warm (140°F) beef steak.
Fold sandwich into a cone shape. Place in a tall tumbler to hold its shape.
Students can top their sandwiches with their choice of cut vegetables from the vegetable bar or serve the veggies on the side and garnish gyro with the Tzatziki sauce.