5 lb Hickory Smoked Pulled Bar-b-q Pork Seasoned (#09067)
1 C Porchetta Seasoning Mix
1/2 C Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4.5 C Arugula
3.5 C Pickled Fennel

Chef Notes

*Porchetta Seasoning Mix 4 tbsp Lemon zest, minced 4 tbsp Rosemary, chopped 3 tbsp Sage, chopped 3 tbsp Garlic, chopped 7 tbsp Fennel seeds, toasted, crushed 12 each Bay leaves, toasted, ground 6 tbsp Kosher salt 4 tbsp Black pepper, coarsely ground Combine all ingredients and reserve


Thaw Double Rub Pork as per the directions on the package.
Heat pork to 140°F or higher.
Remove from bag and break pork up by hand into useable size pieces.
Add Porchetta Seasoning Mix, and mix well.
Mix olive oil, and some of the seasoning to use as a spread.
Brush cut side of crusty roll with oil seasoning mix.
On flat grill or in pan, toast roll by brushing it with the Olive Oil /Seasoning mix and place it cut side down on grill or pan. Toast until just golden.
To assemble sandwich, arrange arugula on bottom half of roll, then mound about 5oz. of pork on top. Scatter about 3 tablespoons of the pickled fennel on top of pork, and place top of roll to close sandwich. Serve hot.
15 portions