2 Unit Seapak Clam Strips - Oven Crispy Breaded Clams
1/2 C Rex Hot Sauce
8 tbsp. Butter
1 tsp. Garlic Powder
2 Item Granny Smith Apples, Grated On The Large Side Of The Box Grater
Juice From One Lemon
2 Item Celery Stalks, Very Thinly Sliced
1 C Prepared Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing
4 Item Hoagie Rolls


STIR SeaPak® Clam Strips according to package directions and keep warm.
ADD to a medium mixing bowl, the apples, lemon juice and celery. Pour in the blue cheese dressing and toss to coat. Set aside.
ADD to a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, the hot sauce, butter and garlic powder. Stir until the butter has melted. Add the clam strips and toss to coat.
ASSEMBLE: Top each hoagie roll with buffalo sauce coated clam strips. Top with the apple celery slaw. Serve immediately.
4 Servings