1 pk. Culinary Solutions Premium Custard Base Liquid (#03869)
3.4 oz French Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix
2 Each On Top® Sugar Free Whipped Topping
1 pk. Graham Crackers (14.4 0z. Box)
2 C Chocolate Syrup

Chef Notes

For an interesting twist, use Chocolate On Top Topping in this recipe!


Combine Premium Custard Base (uncooked, directly from the package) and the Instant pudding mix in a large mixing bowl. Whisk thoroughly to combine.
Cut the wide end of one bag of On Top Topping and dispense it into the bowl of Premium Custard Base/pudding mixture. Stir to thoroughly combine. Chill while preparing pan
Break the graham crackers in half along the center break line so the pieces are square. Line the bottom of a 2-inch hotel pan with 16 squares of graham crackers (8 whole crackers).
Spoon half of the Premium Custard Base/pudding mixture on top of the graham crackers. Level with spatula and top with another layer of 16 graham squares.
Spoon remaining pudding mixture onto graham crackers, level and top with remaining 16 graham squares. Chill several hours or overnight
When ready to serve, cut into 16 squares and top each serving with 2 Tablespoons of chocolate syrup. Use the remaining bag of On Top Topping to garnish each dessert.
16 servings