Long, crusty French stick bread with a soft, moist interior texture; approx. 22.5 inches long. Par-baked format.

Produit alimentaire surgelé

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Ingredients: Enriched unbleached wheat flour, Water, Yeast, Salt, Sugars (dextrose), Malted barley flour, Calcium sulphate, Acetylated tartaric acid esters of mono and diglycerides, Calcium carbonate, Ascorbic acid, Enzyme (amylase).
Ingredients : Farine de blé enrichie non-blanchie, Eau, Levure, Sel, Sucres (dextrose), Farine d'orge maltee, Sulfate de calcium, Esters tartriques des mono et diglycerides acetyles, Carbonate de calcium, Acide ascorbique, Enzyme (amylase).
More Specifications
Kosher Certification:
Kosher Status:
Case Count:
Master Pack:
Net Case Weight:
8.165 KG
Gross Case Weight:
9.153 KG
Case Cube:
Case Dimensions:
60.32 CM L x 40.32 CM W x 27.30 CM H
Pallet Pattern:
5 Ti x 7 Hi (35 Cases/Pallet)
Master Unit Size:
18 OZ
Nutrition Facts
79128 standard nutritional panel 79128 standard nutritional panel
100G Nutrition Facts
79128 hundred gram nutritional panel 79128 hundred gram nutritional panel
Tips & Handling
Baking Instructions: Oven Temperature From Frozen StateFrom Thawed State Convection 350F Rolls/Breadsticks 5-12 Min. Rolls/Breadsticks 5-12 Min. Breads 8-15 Min. Breads 8-12 Min. Deck or Rack 375F Rolls/Breadsticks 10-15 Min. Rolls/Breadsticks 8-12 Min. Breads 10-15 Min. Breads 8-12 Min. Conveyor/Impinger 425F Rolls/Breadsticks 5-8 Min. Rolls/Breadsticks 5-8 Min. Breads 5-8 Min. Breads 5-8 Min. Suggested times and temperatures will vary by operation.
Mode de cuisson: Four Temperature A l'etat congele A l'etat decongele Convection 350 F Petits pains/Batonnets 5 a 12 min. Petits pains/Batonnets 5 a 12 min. (175 C) Pains 8 a 15 min. Pains 8 a 12 min. Four a pont ou chariot 375 F Petits pains/Batonnets 10 a 15 min. Petits pains/Batonnets 8 a12 min. (190 C) Pains 10 a 15 min. Pains 8 a 12 min. Convoyeur/Impinge 425 F Petits pains/Batonnets 5 a 8 min. Petits pains/Batonnets 5 a 8 min. (220 C) Pains 5 a 8 min Pains 5 a 8 min. Les temperatures et les temps de cuisson varieront selon l'operation.
  • Shelf Life From Manufacture: 365 DAYS
  • Storage Method: Keep Frozen
  • Storage Method: Garder congelé
  • Shelf Life Refrigerated, Prepared: 0 DAYS
  • Shelf Life Ambient, Prepared: 0 DAYS
  • Shelf Life Refrigerated, Thawed: N/A
  • Shelf Life Ambient, Thawed: N/A
Contains: Wheat, Barley May contain milk, soya and eggs
Contient : Ble, Orge Peut contenir lait, soya et oeufs