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The feeling of comfort. The smell of home. Trends may change, but the nostalgia of warm breads and rolls remains. From fully baked, par-baked, proof & bake and retarder to oven format, we offer the full spectrum of formats to meet your needs.

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17243_grid_image CHEESE HAMBURGER ROLL DOUGH #17243 2.15 OZ 218 Soft hamburger roll dough with cheese mixed in dough approx. 6" long. Proof-and-bake format.
17244_grid_image CHEESE HOT DOG ROLL DOUGH #17244 2.15 OZ 218 Soft hot dog roll dough with cheese mixed in dough approx. 6" long. Proof-and-bake format.
13416_grid_image CHEESE SWIRL ROLL DOUGH #13416 4 OZ 120 A unique cheese swirl roll dough. Each curl of the dough contains shredded cheddar cheese. Bakes off with a light bread texture with an abundance of cheese flavour.
08969_grid_image CINNAMON LOAF DOUGH #08969 18.25 OZ 24 Soft, sweet bread dough made with rich cinnamon. Proof and bake format.
12597_grid_image CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD DOUGH #12597 25.78 OZ 20 A bread using a sweet dough formula with swirled in cinnamon and raisins. It’s like a cinnamon raisin bun in a bread loaf format. Proof & bake format.
73410_grid_image CRUSTY KAISER ROLL DOUGH #73410 2.75 OZ 108 A round yeast-leavened roll with a crisp crust, used for making sandwiches or served as a breakfast roll. Signature star-shape ridges stamped into the top of the roll. Proof-and-bake format.
12520_grid_image EGG ONION ROLL DOUGH #12520 2.95 OZ 96 Sandwich roll dough made with eggs and onions for a unique flavor and texture; approx. 4.25". Proof-and-bake format.
13538_grid_image FLAX SEED BREAD DOUGH #13538 25.5 OZ 20 Rich's® Bread & Roll doughs are the true equal to scratch production, other than one key benefit: they’re a whole lot easier. Simply pan, thaw, proof and bake pre-scaled and shaped dough. No scaling, mixing, dividing or molding needed. Product can be re-shaped if desired. You can score or cut dough after proofing as desired. You can also add ingredients (seeds, seasoning, spices, etc) prior proofing to create unique appearance and flavours.
84327_grid_image FOCACCIA BUN-SLICED #84327 2.65 OZ 60 Rustic savory Italian flatbread with open and airy crumb and pale crust. Made with olive oil yeast notes and Italian seasonings. Oval-shaped and sliced approx. 5.8in long by 4.8in wide. Fully baked format.
03033_grid_image FRENCH BREAD DOUGH #03033 19.5 OZ 24 Proof and bake, yeast-raised french bread dough. Light, crusty bread with a soft texture. Versatile enough for savory or sweet applications, including pizza, French Toast or sandwich carriers.
45057_grid_image FULLY BAKED CLASSIC SLICED BUN BRIOCHE 4 IN #45057 2.4 OZ 72 A classic brioche bun, fully baked and sliced, with a golden brown egg washed exterior and a slightly sweet, soft, moist interior.
84336_grid_image FULLY BAKED ITALIAN CIABATTA SLICED BUN #84336 3.17 OZ 60 Slightly sour rustic Italian roll with hearty crust and airy interior. Oval-shaped and butterfly-sliced (attached in the middle) approx. 5.5in long by 4.5in wide. Fully baked format.
70030_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHEAT 12 IN SUBMARINE #70030 6 OZ 60 Soft Style 12 inch Wheat Sub Bun, baked and pre-sliced
70029_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHITE 12 IN SUBMARINE #70029 6 OZ 60 Fully baked white 12" sub bun with a thin softer crust and light internal structure. Fully sliced with a unique score on the top of each bun.
12891_grid_image GLUTEN FREE FULLY BAKED ROLL WHITE 6 IN SUBMARINE #12891 4 OZ 48 6" Fully Baked, Individually Wrapped Gluten Free Sub Roll with great cell structure and a moist, flavorful crumb.
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