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The feeling of comfort. The smell of home. Trends may change, but the nostalgia of warm breads and rolls remains. From fully baked, par-baked, proof & bake and retarder to oven format, we offer the full spectrum of formats to meet your needs.

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17243_grid_image CHEESE HAMBURGER ROLL DOUGH #17243 2.15 OZ 218 Soft hamburger roll dough with cheese mixed in dough approx. 6" long. Proof-and-bake format.
17244_grid_image CHEESE HOT DOG ROLL DOUGH #17244 2.15 OZ 218 Soft hot dog roll dough with cheese mixed in dough approx. 6" long. Proof-and-bake format.
13416_grid_image CHEESE SWIRL ROLL DOUGH #13416 4 OZ 120 A unique cheese swirl roll dough. Each curl of the dough contains shredded cheddar cheese. Bakes off with a light bread texture with an abundance of cheese flavour.
08969_grid_image CINNAMON LOAF DOUGH #08969 18.25 OZ 24 Soft, sweet bread dough made with rich cinnamon. Proof and bake format.
12597_grid_image CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD DOUGH #12597 25.78 OZ 20 A bread using a sweet dough formula with swirled in cinnamon and raisins. It’s like a cinnamon raisin bun in a bread loaf format. Proof & bake format.
73410_grid_image CRUSTY KAISER ROLL DOUGH #73410 2.75 OZ 108 A round yeast-leavened roll with a crisp crust, used for making sandwiches or served as a breakfast roll. Signature star-shape ridges stamped into the top of the roll. Proof-and-bake format.
45057_grid_image FULLY BAKED CLASSIC SLICED BUN BRIOCHE 4 IN #45057 2.4 OZ 72 A classic brioche bun, fully baked and sliced, with a golden brown egg washed exterior and a slightly sweet, soft, moist interior.
84336_grid_image FULLY BAKED ITALIAN CIABATTA SLICED BUN #84336 3.17 OZ 60 Slightly sour rustic Italian roll with hearty crust and airy interior. Oval-shaped and butterfly-sliced (attached in the middle) approx. 5.5in long by 4.5in wide. Fully baked format.
70030_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHEAT 12 IN SUBMARINE #70030 6 OZ 60 Soft Style 12 inch Wheat Sub Bun, baked and pre-sliced
70029_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHITE 12 IN SUBMARINE #70029 6 OZ 60 Fully baked white 12" sub bun with a thin softer crust and light internal structure. Fully sliced with a unique score on the top of each bun.
12891_grid_image GLUTEN FREE FULLY BAKED ROLL WHITE 6 IN SUBMARINE #12891 4 OZ 48 6" Fully Baked, Individually Wrapped Gluten Free Sub Roll with great cell structure and a moist, flavorful crumb.
09790_grid_image GLUTEN FREE FULLY BAKED SLICED ROLL ROUND #09790 3 OZ 48 Pre-sliced and individually wrapped
13537_grid_image MARITIME BREAD DOUGH #13537 25.5 OZ 20 Yeast-raised bread made with wheat flour, oats and molasses. Formulated to be proofed and baked in a pan.
76603_grid_image PARBAKED FRENCH BAGUETTE #76603 10 OZ 24 Long, crusty French stick bread approx. 22.5" long. Par-baked format.
76670_grid_image PARBAKED FRENCH ROLL SMALL SUBMARINE #76670 5 OZ 60 Crusty white sub roll; approx. 7" in length. Ideal for Sandwiches. Par-baked format.
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