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Your signature offerings start here. One of the first parbaked foodservice bakeries, Signature® Breads has been welcoming diners to the table since the original Rudi Roll® was introduced in the ’80s–and we didn’t stop there. From breakfast and lunch sandwich carriers to ideal dinner pairings, our rolls will complement your specialty. Available in fully baked, ready-to-serve, or par-baked, heat and serve formats.

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Product Product Code Master Unit Size Case Pack Description
22201_grid_image 7.5" FRENCH SANDWICH LONG #22201 3.25 OZ 72 The ideal canvas for individually sized sandwiches, baked from classic French dough for a crisp crust and soft interior.
22213_grid_image ASSORTED DINNER ROLLS 240CT #22213 1.25 OZ 240 A variety of traditional recipes baked carefully for a crisp crust and soft interior.
22510_grid_image CROWN BRETON #22510 5.2 OZ 34 Ideal for sharing, this unique crown-shaped roll made from classic French dough is hand cut for a distinct rustic appearance.
20325_grid_image FRENCH SUB ROLL 9" #20325 4.25 OZ 64 Baked from classic French dough with wide scores, this versatile roll is ideal for sandwiches, pizzas and appetizers.
45057_grid_image FULLY BAKED CLASSIC SLICED BUN BRIOCHE 4 IN #45057 2.4 OZ 72 A classic brioche bun, fully baked and sliced, with a golden brown egg washed exterior and a slightly sweet, soft, moist interior.
70030_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHEAT 12 IN SUBMARINE #70030 6 OZ 60 Soft Style 12 inch Wheat Sub Bun, baked and pre-sliced
70029_grid_image FULLY BAKED SLICED BUN WHITE 12 IN SUBMARINE #70029 6 OZ 60 Fully baked white 12" sub bun with a thin softer crust and light internal structure. Fully sliced with a unique score on the top of each bun.
89690_grid_image PARBAKED ROLL HOAGIE #89690 4 OZ 75 Hoagie roll with crusty exterior and soft interior textures approx. 7.5inlong. Par-baked format.
89228_grid_image PARBAKED ROLL WHITE SUBMARINE #89228 7.5 OZ 42 Hearty white sub roll approx. 12in in length. Par-baked format.
22200_grid_image RUDI'S® FRENCH DINNER ROLL 240CT #22200 1.25 OZ 240 European-style dinner roll with a thin, crispy crust and rustic double scoring.
20323_grid_image SLICED PREMIUM WHITE CIABATTA #20323 3.25 OZ 72 This lightweight Italian ciabatta is pre-sliced for convenience, with a chewy crust and open, airy interior.
22150_grid_image ULTIMATE CIABATTA #22150 4.5 OZ 78 This diamond-shaped ciabatta is partially sliced for pull-apart table bread or can be filled with ingredients for a shareable appetizer.
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