2 C Rich’s Non-dairy Whip Topping Base
1/2 C Agave Nectar
2/3 C Orange Juice, Fresh Squeezed
8 Each Limes, Large, Juiced
1 Pinch Kosher Salt


Using a mixer, whip the RTW on medium until hard peaks have formed. Add agave nectar, orange juice and lime juice. Continue whisking until all ingredients have incorporated into the RTW. Note, the RTW will not regain the hard peaks it had. The mixture should be creamy like a pudding. a.If you choose to add Tequila to the dessert, first you must flame out the alcohol. Simply add the tequila to a small sauce pot and heat on medium. You may need to use a grill lighter to begin the flaming. Once the flame extinguishes itself, let the mixture cool then add it to the pudding mixture.
Take a 4 ounce ramekin and gently wet the rim with a damp cloth. Invert the ramekin onto a small plate of kosher salt. Wipe off any excessive salt if necessary.
Gently pour the pudding mixture into the ramekin being careful not to disturb the salted rim.
Garnish with lime zest. Serve chilled.
1 serving